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At MAIA well co., our goal is simple: To Inspire, Educate & Motivate our clients towards long-lasting optimum health and happiness.

Living a balanced life is at the core of our practice. We truly believe that you can have it all, in moderation. There is no secret formula, it’s about finding out what works for you, your mind and your body, and sometimes we just need a helping hand in doing so. 

Within our practice, we use a holistic approach whilst incorporating the fundamentals of psychological behavioural theories in order to support individuals to not only build, but to sustain, a positive and pleasurable relationship with themselves, their bodies and their behaviours around food and living a healthy life. We educate our clients to understand that health and happiness isn't just about the food you have on your plate - in fact, it goes far beyond this - and we work together, collaboratively, to understand these connections and transform any unhealthy behaviours and beliefs into positive and fulfilling ones. There is an emphasis on bio-individuality in our practice and therefore all services will be tailored to your own individual goals and requirements. You will leave feeling equipped with the tools you need to empower yourself to make positive changes to your life, for the long-term.

We also teach mindful movement through pilates to encourage and support healthy, strong and happy bodies.

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Balance comes from slowing down, from taking deep breaths, from understanding your body and what it needs. It comes from accepting who you are and loving yourself every step of the way.
— Rachel Brathen

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