We’ve just returned back from the most magical Restore + Nourish retreat in beautiful, sunshine-filled Ibiza and what a special time it was. We’re still in that post retreat ‘high’, feeling so much gratitude for the people who joined us during this time away… to invest in themselves, to invest in their wellbeing and to change our usual London-based Pilates studio to being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air whilst the sun comes up. It was pure bliss.  

Whilst we were away and since we’ve been back, we’ve had quite a few people ask us about how it went, what did we do and when we’re planning more. So we thought we’d share a little insight into a day in the life of a MAIA well co. retreat and give you more information about our retreat plans for the future. 

Our recent retreat in Ibiza was our Restore + Nourish retreat and this was embodied throughout every element of the retreat experience. The schedule was designed to both restore and to nourish our guests, in equal measures, mind, body and soul. 

We stayed in a gorgeous bright, light and beautiful architecturally designed villa in Ibiza, a short 5 minute drive from the airport which made it easily accessible for everyone - this was important to us, as we wanted to make everything as easy as possible for our guests during this trip, from start to finish. The villa had gorgeous neutral-coloured Scandi style bedrooms, crittal doors, rattan furniture, outdoor standalone bathtubs and sunshine filled open spaces. It felt like our home away from home. 

Thirteen amazing and inspiring women arrived around midday on the Thursday and it was so special greeting everyone upon their arrival one by one for what we had planned for the next few days. We took our guests to their rooms, where they were surprised with our handmade linen gift bags featuring Bamford essential oils, Lore originals hair treatments, Ardere candles and Up Circle face masks, amongst other surprises. Shortly after arrival, our wonderful retreat chef, Charlotte from Oat Kitchen, greeted everyone with a wholesome yet light lunch including whole roasted giant courgettes, fresh salads and plant based frittatas. Everyone settled in shortly after, starting to get to know each other before our group meet & greet on the terrace under the palm trees where everyone introduced themselves to the group, sharing their intentions for the trip, followed by our first sunset Pilates session outside on the sun deck. 

Each day was special and we were fortunate to have brought together such a wonderful group of women and truly blissful weather throughout the retreat - golden glowing sunrises, no rain and mid 20’s temperatures. The perfect combination!

We’d start our days meeting outside on the terrace around 8am for tea, coffee and a few healthy nibbles for anyone who wanted them. We’d all head outside, lay out the mats and I’d lead an energising sunrise mat Pilates session, often with small equipment for that extra resistance, fun and burn! Charlotte would shortly after greet everyone with a heavenly nourishing breakfast feast featuring things like turmeric chia puddings, fresh fruits, homemade nutty granolas, green eggs and avocado shakshukas and lots more deliciousness. Guests would happily fill their plates and enjoy all together whilst chatting away as the sunshine came up. 

Days would be spent just how our guests wanted, as after all this was their retreat and their time for themselves to do as much or as little as they wanted. Lazy days in the sunshine around the villa, walks to Ibiza town, massages on the terrace of the villa by the wonderful Marion, or optional activities such as Stand Up Paddleboarding - we even managed to do some Pilates on the boards on the open water too! Clarissa, our retreat nutritionist, offered 1:1 personalised nutrition consultations for all our guests throughout their stay and she held two brilliantly insightful workshops - one on Sleep and one on Gut Health, providing our guests with tips and information to take home with them beyond retreat life, to help incorporate back at home. 

Every evening, we’d spend together moving mindfully - either with a guest yoga class, or a mindful candlelit Pilates flow to wind down and encourage a restful nights sleep. Dinners would be relaxed and guests would stay in their activewear, come in their PJ’s… whatever they felt happy and comfortable in is what we’d recommend. Charlotte would always surprise guests with beautiful dinners, everything from homemade za’atar humous with pickled onions and roasted chickpeas, parsely salsa verde with roasted squash and sweet potatoes, cauliflower rice with toasted nuts, carrot and sesame slaw, stuffed aubergines and always a delicious gluten, dairy and refined sugar free desert. 

On our final retreat day, we headed to the beach to get some sand beneath our toes and dip into that gorgeous turquoise blue Mediterranean sea. The perfect ending to the perfect five days all together.

Retreats are truly such a special and time, that it can be almost impossible to put into words. It’s the moments shared together, it’s the intensions fulfilled, it’s the friendship bonds formed with people who were once strangers and it’s the way you leave feeling fully nourished, from the inside out, that is what makes them unforgettable. 

Our lives are often engulfed with decisions to be made, be it simple things such as what to have for lunch, what route to get home on the tube, which studio to go to for your Pilates fix, how to get to an appointment… The choices and options we’re faced with are endless. We eat on the go, we glare at screens all day in high pressured jobs, only to go and put our bodies through more high intensity stressful exercise at the end of a long day because it’s our only free time. 

Our retreats at MAIA well co. are created to support you with all of this. To take away the overwhelm of decision making for you. To nourish your bodies through wholesome, delicious and nutritious food. To move your bodies through effective, yet intelligent movement practices, encouraging results whilst promoting restful and restorative nights’ sleep. You and your wellbeing are at the forefront of our priorities on our retreats and helping you to leave feeling fully nourished, with tools to continue this in your home life, is what we’re here to do. All the whilst making some wonderful new friends along the way and plenty of giggles too. We do so much for others in our lives, our retreats are time for you to give to YOU - just for you. Because we all deserve a little more self love, don’t we? 

Keep your eyes on our next newsletter for all the details on our upcoming MAIA well co. retreats for 2020… they’re going to be super special and we can’t wait to share with you! Early bird rates will be featured there first. We really hope we’ll be able to meet more of you in the future.

With love, health and happiness,

Zoe-Maia xxx