A Holistic Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices in all areas of their lives, helping to facilitate lasting lifestyle and behavioural change.

Health Coaching provides a positive connection and supportive relationship for anyone who wants to make a change. This connection empowers the individual being coached to recognise and draw on their own innate ability and resources to make lasting changes for better health and wellbeing, whilst being held accountable from a place of no judgement.

Recognition and responsibility are the first steps towards change and growth. In order to make any change however, this must come from a loving place and a deep kindness to yourself. Within our practice, we use techniques to teach our clients how to love and respect themselves by looking at the boundaries and expectations they have in place. We don’t focus on drastic changes, instead we look at amending ones outlook and self perception by working with what the individual has. During this process, we work together to uncover any often deep rooted reasons behind certain behaviours, unhealthy habits or food cravings, enabling us to deconstruct these patterns and help our clients break free from what is no longer serving them.


what can we help with?

Diet & Lifestyle Change

Digestive Issues 

Health Food Shopping or Eating Out

High Stress Levels 

Family Health

Food Allergies, Intolerances or Sensitivities

Transforming Unhealthy or Negative Relationships with Food or Exercise


who can benefit from a HEALTH COACH?

Are you tired of feeling bloated, exhausted and overweight?

Do you eat a 'healthy diet' yet still feel unhappy, unsatisfied or can't shift excess weight?

Are you fed up of trying various diets and are left feeling hungry?

Do you need support in transforming unhealthy lifestyle and/or eating habits?

Do you always reach for sugar or caffeine for energy?

Do you need to be held accountable to make certain changes in your life?

 At MAIA well co., we work with individuals with an array of concerns in addition to those listed above, around food, lifestyle and even personal life. We work with private clients as well as corporations*, offering the tools to empower individuals to achieve the most healthful, productive and fulfilled version of themselves. 

Our approach is not to tell clients what to do. Instead, we teach clients what to do, in order to open up their own instincts and abilities, to allow them to leave our programmes with the motivation, confidence and knowledge to live a healthy life independently.

*"The wellbeing of people working in a business is the best predictor of what’s going to happen to the business in the future." Deepak Chopra

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