All of our services at MAIA well co. can be tailored to suit you or your company's individual needs. If you're looking for support in any capacity, please take a look below and get in touch for a free no obligation initial consultation. We would love to help you along your journey.


1 month kickstarter



2 month energiser



3 month intensive


Within your initial consultation, we will review your health history and discuss your main concerns including any areas in your life which may be affecting your overall health and happiness. Based on the outcome of this, we will recommend the most suitable programme timeframe for you and your personal requirements. 


Within all programmes, you can expect to receive the following: 

  • Bi-monthly 1 hour sessions (Skype or face to face)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes that are cost effective, quick and easy to make
  • Informative handouts and recommendations tailored to your goals and personal requirements 
  • Tips and strategies on how to build a positive and healthy relationship with food
  • Learn to listen to your body and what works for you
  • Well-balanced and nutritious food shopping guides
  • Understand how to reduce cravings and change unhealthy habits through tried and tested techniques
  • A gentle, supportive environment 
  • Our full commitment to your health and happiness


During the first health coaching session, we will delve deeper into any areas of your life you feel are out of balance. We will assess what we call your primary food, i.e. everything that fills you up off the plate. Your relationship(s) satisfaction, career fulfilment, level of physical activity and your spirituality, in terms of being connected to and in touch with yourself. And finally, your secondary food, i.e. the food on your plate.

We will then assess your main priorities and set realistic goals together that you will be held accountable for. The ultimate aim is for us to create and support healthy and positive lifestyle changes which will in turn develop into long-lasting habits. Our promise is that you will leave this programme feeling equipped with simple and wholesome ideas and strategies that you can incorporate seamlessly into your daily life.


At MAIA well co., we offer new clients a complimentary no obligation 30 minute consultation to assess your current lifestyle and any health concerns you may have. We will discuss your goals and review how we can support you in achieving and sustaining these for the long-term.



The first step is to recognise that you would like to make a change, or require some support, which you have done by visiting this page so congratulations! The next step would be to sign up via the link below and fill out as much information as you would like to share. We will be back in touch within 48 hours to arrange your complimentary consultation.

Disclaimer: Please note that MAIA well co. is not a certified nutritionist or a medical professional. If you have a serious health condition requiring strict dietary regulations, please seek help from a qualified nutritionist or your primary care physician. 


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