our team of HOLISTIC wellbeing experts

At MAIA well co., we have handpicked a selection of some of the most skilled holistic wellbeing practitioners to support our Corporate Wellbeing Programmes around offices in the UK. Our team includes expert Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Mindfulness Teachers, Postural Alignment Therapists and Registered Nutritional Therapists.

Please get in touch us here if you’re interested in booking in a corporate wellbeing session with any of our wellbeing experts.


Sarah is a 400hr certified yoga facilitator, teaching all around London, as well as on her retreats. Sarah’s teaching style is fun, creative and always inclusive – yoga is for everybody.  She believes that yoga should be challenging, inspiring, creative and freeing. So while alignment plays an important role in her teaching, she keeps her classes fluid, explorative and playful. She’ll help you reach your greatest potential by breaking down the poses or offering you ways to take your practice deeper, no matter what your level.


Meditation is a practice of presence and stillness where we acknowledge and accept thoughts and feelings as they enter the mind and body, then shift the focus to the breath, a mantra or an object. Giselle offers guided meditation sessions in a variety of techniques, including breathing, mantra, visualisation and mindfulness, all designed to promote physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance. She also leads 5 week meditation courses for beginners where she teaches you how to begin your own solo meditation practice and to understand the health and wellbeing benefits of meditating daily.  


During her career as a School teacher, she found that her posture, core strength and inevitably health began to suffer and often cause back pain. She decided to turn to Pilates and never looked back. She felt stronger, leaner and more mindfully focussed than ever before. The transformation was simply magical so decided to combine her love of teaching with her enthusiasm for Pilates and train as a Pilates instructor at the highly respected 'Body Control Pilates' organisation. She’s passionate about how Pilates has the ability to change bodies, making them stronger, more flexible, leaner and more functional. Her philosophy is that Pilates is for everyone no matter what level you are, there is always more to learn, refine and understand. Both your body and your brain get a workout while you reap the benefits of Pilates in everyday life.

zoe-maia, founder of maia well co. & pilates instructor

Zoe-Maia is a qualified Holistic Health Coach and Balanced Body Pilates instructor. She began to study Pilates after years of falling in love with the practice and learning first hand of its significant benefits to both the mind and body, following years of burn-out during her previous career in the corporate world. Zoe-Maia's  mat Pilates classes are designed with both physical and mental wellbeing in mind, using conscious dynamic exercises which focus upon developing core strength, lengthening and toning all muscles to promote improved posture, balance and alignment, whilst using conscious breath-work to facilitate movement and improve flexibility.

eleanor, postural alignment therapist

Eleanor Burt is a Postural Alignment Therapist, registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapies. Postural Alignment Therapy (PAT) is a hands-off, gentle physical therapy which reduces chronic aches and pains through targeted movements, aimed at bringing the body back into its correct, functional alignment. PAT gets to the root cause of the problem for long term changes, rather than always treating the painful symptoms for short term pain relief.

sam, yoga instructor

Sam Vora is a 300hr certified yoga instructor based in London. Sam teaches a variety of yoga styles with a focus on what feels good. She loves to combine dynamic sequencing with a dose of inspiration to help deepen the practice for all abilities. She believes yoga should be as unique as we are and seeks to help others thrive and really enjoy every moment of their practice. Her aim is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves and leave the mat feeling relaxed and refreshed.



Posie is a qualified Body Control Pilates instructor. Her classes are flowing, dynamic and energetic focusing on functional movements to create a strong, agile and pain free body. She is absolutely passionate about the benefits of Pilates giving the perfect balance of toning, core strength and flexibility and will always endeavour to grow and challenge individuals at any level. Expect a high intensity, low impact workout that aims to condition the entire body. 



Harriet fell in love with movement at an early age and went on to train as a professional dancer at The Broadway Dance Centre in NYC. She fell in love with Pilates when she found that with regular practice, the aches and pains of a grueling training regime to melt away. With a certification from Body Control Pilates, Harriet’s ethos is that we should exercise to nourish our bodies rather than punish them. With a strong focus on alignment and breath, Harriet combines exercises into flowing sequences, leading efficient, well balanced yet challenging classes to get you feeling strong, mobile and energised - celebrating your body for the power house that it is.